Wooden kitchen cabinets can be a charming addition to every kitchen style. It is commonly made from a combination of plywood and hardwood solids. From walnut to oak, or maple, you can keep up with the quickly changing trends

Its distinctive pattern allows wooden kitchen cabinets to give a more traditional and sophisticated feeling. Besides the design, they can create a functional and aesthetic backbone for your kitchen.

There are various types of wooden cabinets for you to choose from to fit into your kitchen design. You won’t need to do a huge renovation, the tiniest handle can make a huge difference to your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Johor


Wooden kitchen cabinets are preferred in Malaysia because of their durability, high functionality, and natural aesthetic appeal. Most homeowners use them to add a touch of nature to their homes. 

The luxurious and beautiful look of the material can amp up the sophistication level of your kitchen. You will undoubtedly feel warm and welcoming when you enter the kitchen.

Depending on your taste, you can re-paint, re-stain or re-finish the wooden kitchen cabinet to upgrade the look of your kitchen design without spending much. 


As the name suggests – wooden kitchen cabinets are in their natural state. You won’t find any colored stain or paint applied to it. Wooden kitchen cabinets can be found in various colors and styles. The natural features of the wood allow it to fit into any kitchen design, creating a warm, inviting look.

The choices of natural wood cabinets give you flexibility in choosing your surrounding finishes. It can create a clean kitchen design by combining it with modern appliances. 

Kitchen Cabinet Johor

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Kitchen Cabinet Johor


Melamine is a popular cabinet material that is used in the kitchen. It is composed of different things, including wood particles, resins, glue, and even paper. The decorative paper is permanently fused to both sides of the kitchen cabinet.  The pressure and heat will activate the resin to seal the substrate and produce the kitchen cabinet doors.

Melamine wood kitchen cabinets are durable and have a wide range of colors and pattern possibilities due to the paper and resin finish. The colors you usually find in melamine wood kitchen cabinets are solid or shades of faux wood grains. 

Melamine wood kitchen cabinets are designed to reproduce the look and feel of realistic paint, wood, or grain. Designers utilize the features of this cabinet to create a modern minimalist kitchen design.

Kitchen Cabinet Johor


Plywood is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. It is known for its stability from the layers of wood glued together with a strong adhesive. The weight-bearing abilities of the plywood cabinet make it a solid choice for many homeowners, as it can be a long-lasting product.

The plywood layers usually use lighter wood, but some are created with a combination of hardwood and softwood. Plywood is made from veneers glued together; it can create customized panels of any size

Because of its classic aesthetic look, designers can easily design your kitchen around it, making most people more biased toward plywood kitchen cabinets. This a highly versatile product that can be changed easily according to your requirements. 

Wooden Kitchen Cabinet


It can last about 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance.

Consider replacing cabinets if they have extensive structural damage, are outdated in design, or want a completely different look.

It is best to clean it with a damp, warm, lightly soapy dishcloth.

Common wood types for kitchen cabinets include melamine, maple, plywood, birch, and pine. Each wood type has its unique characteristics

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