Tips To Choose From 5 Best Kitchen Countertop Materials

kitchen countertop material

Choosing a kitchen countertop material is an important decision when you are renovating your kitchen. It can be challenging as natural and engineered stones are in the market, and you may be overwhelmed with the choices.

The options are seemingly endless, from quartz composites to acrylic sheets to natural stones. With so many kitchen countertop material options at your fingertips, choosing an option that meets your desired aesthetic and functionality can be difficult.

The kitchen countertop is the focal point of the kitchen, and you will want to choose the best material for your kitchen. Here are some reviews on each material that can help you get started.

Kitchen Countertop Material #1 - Granite

Kitchen Countertop Material

Granite is one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials, especially these past few years. You can find granite in a few different grades, usually from grade 1 to grade 5. The rating depends on the place you buy the material. It also includes patterns, thickness, and colors. The thickness is one huge factor that determines the price of granite.

Granite is seen as a low-maintenance material, and it is resistant to scratches and heat. One of the downsides of granite is that it is a porous material, which means you will need to reseal it to maintain the surface. If you don’t, it can stain permanently if there are any spills.

Kitchen Countertop Material #2 - Marble

Kitchen Countertop Material
Image Credit: Express-Marble

People often associate marble with gorgeous pillars and stunning sculptures. It is one kitchen countertop material that will give a luxurious feel, which is why many homeowners like to use marble in their kitchens.

You can find a wide range of colors and textures in this kitchen countertop material. Black, beige, gray, and creamy white is popular in marbles. You can choose the perfect color to contrast with your kitchen cabinet.

The endless options you can get from marble may attract you, but the cost will be more expensive. If you still prefer marble but are looking for an affordable option, consider options such as Carrara marble.

You can create a luxurious feel with marble, but you must prepare for its high maintenance. You will need to seal it annually to prevent damage. Compared to other materials, marble is also prone to stains and scratches. Besides that, you will need to clean your marble kitchen countertop with a combination of mild liquid detergent and water.

This kitchen countertop material won’t be suitable if you love cooking or your kitchen is always full of people. But you will love it if you are a baker. You won’t believe how easy it is to roll out bread and cookie dough on the surface.

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Kitchen Countertop Material #3 - Slate & Soapstone

Kitchen Countertop Material
Image Credit: Adobe Stock

Another kitchen countertop to consider is soapstone countertops. Usually, you will find it in greenish-black color. But there is possible to find lighter green-gray slabs as well. You will need to seal this with mineral oil to avoid staining.

Slate is a dense stone in subtle shades of black, purple, red, gray, and green. This material has visible veins and contrasting colors. But it is relatively soft and can scratch easily.

Kitchen Countertop Material #4 - Solid Surface

Kitchen Countertop Material
Image Credit:

Solid surface kitchen countertops are made from dense acrylic, polyester, or a combination of the two. You get to find various patterns and colors in this material. You will be able to find the right one to fit into your kitchen design.

They’re resistant to scratches and heat. Besides, it is completely repairable and renewable. Even if you have an intense scratch or a deep gouge on the surface, you don’t have to worry about it.

The seams of solid surface countertops are fused, and it is nearly impossible to detect joints. This makes a solid surface kitchen popular for those who want to cover long sections or want an oversized island. You can also choose the same material for sinks to match or contrast the countertop.

Kitchen Countertop Material #5 - Glass

Kitchen Countertop Material
Image Credit: Think Glass

A not very common kitchen countertop material option is glass. It offers translucent beauty, and it will have a positive effect on your space. Don’t think that the glass kitchen countertop is dull. It comes in a range of textures and colors. It can have a mix of blues, browns, and greens. No matter your kitchen design, you will find one that fits in.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, there are some glass countertops which is made from recycled materials. It can be made to mimic the look of a granite kitchen countertop, which is made of a mixture of recycled glass pieces. Recycled glass countertops come in resin, concrete, and tiles. It depends on which type suits your kitchen.

Installation can be expensive for glass countertops. If you have a tight budget and are still looking forward to a glass countertop, consider using glass countertops as an accent piece in conjunction with a more affordable surface.

Glass kitchen countertops can be durable, non-porous, and heat resistant and come in various colors and styles, but they may crack or chip easily. They are also more expensive to install.

Here are the reviews for the 5 best kitchen countertop materials. You will need to consider many factors when you are getting one for your kitchen. Get to know more about the material and make sure it suits your lifestyle.

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