5 Best Kitchen Island Ideas to upgrade your beautiful house

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If you are hoping to do a renovation to your kitchen and kitchen island concepts keep popping up in your head, nobody would blame you. In this generation, kitchen islands have become an integral element of the kitchen, moving to bigger open-plan kitchens. This design concept is a simple adjustable piece that may be long and slender, located adjacent to working space, clean and rounded in a tight room, or wide, roomy housing for a basin, appliance, work desk, and storage galore. (The choices are too numerous, and we cannot tell them all)

The most important thing is that the way many homemakers and homeowners perceive kitchen island is the true “Superstar” when it comes to the idea of kitchen design. Thus, in this article, we have prepared 5 smart kitchen island ideas in different styles and themes, and you will certainly receive inspiration for your future kitchen renovations if you spend time reading this post.

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5 Kitchen Island Ideas- Ampquartz

Best Kitchen Island Ideas 1: Add extra seating on the side

Kitchen Lsland- Ampquartz
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While waiting for supper, or simply a quick coffee without being too professional, banquet-style seating is excellent for “talking” with the cook. It’s a wonderful way to make your kitchen even more convenient and hilarious. We also believe that the additional lower seat idea is great, and this magnificent concept may even have one in the traditional kitchen.

Furthermore, if your dining table is isolated from your cooking area/kitchen, an island can eventually allow you to consume meals or snacks directly from the kitchen. This is also beneficial if anyone likes sitting down and chit-chatting with you throughout the cooking process.

Pro tip: Construct your island so as to suit the seats underneath. This lets you hide the seats away when you don’t need them to keep your floor area looking clean and uncluttered.


Best Kitchen Island Ideas 2: Maximize storage space

Kitchen Lsland- Ampquartz
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Nearly all the designs of kitchen islands serve numerous functions, and storage is usually one of them. It is extremely common to note that many homeowners complain that in their kitchens they have very little storage. How can it be resolved? The answer is simply by installing a kitchen island to provide more storage space. For instance, think of introducing a shelf for fast access to recipes, cupboards with doors for all your recycling, or simply a wine rack to maximize the storage space in your kitchen.

This allows a seamless appearance and keeps the countertop fresh and clean as everything is well hidden within the cabinet or countertop. It is also an awesome suggestion to divide cabinets and drawers when you decide to build a kitchen island with the purpose of enhancing storage capacity.

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Best Kitchen Island Ideas 3: Dark colour kitchen island

Kitchen Lsland- Ampquartz
Source: Decoist

Always choose dark hues/colours to make an attractive kitchen island. A full black countertop alone appears wonderful all the time, but the beauty will go on to a new level if it matches the other elements of the kitchen, such as black cabinets, black kitchen wardrobes and black utensils.

However, if you’re not willing to commit to an entirely black kitchen, then you have the greatest choice, monochromatic dark colour. This is because the monochromatic black colour does not divide the area and the kitchen has a one-tone impression.

In conclusion, Kitchen Island with darker colours provides the complete setup of a modern aesthetic and might provide a favourable impression while visiting your property.

Best Kitchen Island Ideas 4: Build a display area

Kitchen Lsland- Ampquartz
Source: Decoist

We all remember lovely moments from the past and the kitchen island is the location you may do this. What you need to do is simply constructing a display area to present whatever you desire. For example, a sentimental treasured dish or a favourite coffee table book might be displayed. It creates a feeling of true homeliness and that’s why many enjoy what this concept achieves, by displaying the underused side of the cabinets.

Sometimes it’s the little pieces or add-ons that make a room and make something ordinary more meaningful. If you’re the one who likes to read, you may even attempt a newspaper or a magazine rack on your kitchen island for world news.

Best Kitchen Island Ideas 5: Not a problem for small area

Kitchen Lsland- Ampquartz
Source: The Spurce

If you truly don’t have much room for your kitchen, you may nevertheless very construct this notion of the kitchen island easily. Opt for a streamlined and spacious, two- or four-seater kitchen island

You could also pick for a granite kitchen island, make it homely and decompose the uniformity with white cabinets and white marble tiles on the backsplash, which decorate an amazing kitchen island. If you want a cheaper alternative, though, you may always click to look at budget-friendly décor ideas for your kitchen.

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