Custom Kitchen Cabinet: 5 Exclusive Buying Tips

custom kitchen cabinet

You can’t miss a kitchen cabinet when renovating your kitchen. A custom kitchen cabinet comes with multiple styles and finishes, and you can choose a type to suit your kitchen design.

The right custom kitchen cabinet can improve your kitchen’s overall aesthetic and allows you to store your kitchen appliance in a more organized way. Before buying the custom kitchen cabinet, you will need a well-thought-out plan for your kitchen renovation. You will need to identify your goals and priorities.

There are many kitchen cabinets in the market for you to choose from. Custom kitchen cabinets give you an additional choice if you can’t find a suitable kitchen cabinet in the store. If you have no idea what to look into when getting a custom kitchen cabinet, look through the guide that we have given in this article. It will provide you with some idea of what to look out for.

What Is A Custom Kitchen Cabinet?

Custom Kitchen Cabinet

A custom kitchen cabinet is different from the stock kitchen cabinet, as they are specially made to fit your kitchen. A professional will have to measure the available space and come out with a solution with you to find the best custom kitchen cabinet fit your kitchen style.

Custom-made cabinets are specifically designed and can be manufactured in any color, size, material, or finish according to your need. After your custom kitchen cabinet is done, the professionals will install it in your kitchen.

What To Take Note When Buying Custom Kitchen Cabinet?

1. Custom Kitchen Cabinet Style And Design

Custom Kitchen Cabinet

The stock cabinet’s style and design are limited. Using custom kitchen cabinets, you can choose the style and design that matches your kitchen design.

If you have a smaller kitchen, you can maximize your kitchen space by adding a kitchen cabinet that allows you to access corners. You can make use of the advantage of the kitchen space. If you have a larger kitchen, you can look for cabinets that can give your kitchen a seamless look.

A skilled custom cabinet maker can help you to design a kitchen cabinet that matches the requests that you may have. A custom kitchen cabinet will be a unique piece of furniture that you can have in your house.

2. Custom Kitchen Cabinet Decide On A Kitchen Layout

Custom Kitchen Cabinet

When you decide on the kitchen cabinet for your kitchen, you will want to match your kitchen layout. Before deciding on your custom kitchen cabinet, you will need to have an accurately scaled floor plan of the kitchen, such as existing space with door, window, and other architectural dimensions noted.

You will need to take note of the location of your present utilities, which is important, especially if you need to remodel that involves spatial reconfiguration. You need to plan the exact location of your kitchen appliance, such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, cooker hood, etc., and the accurate measurement to ensure that it will not affect the size of your custom kitchen cabinet size.

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3. Custom Kitchen Cabinet For Home Value

Custom Kitchen Cabinet

When you renovate your kitchen, you will want to add value to your house. When you consider getting kitchen cabinets, you will need to consider if they will add value to your house. A custom kitchen cabinet can add home value due to its personalized benefits and visual appeal.

A fully customized cabinet can add much more value to your house and fit precisely into the space you want. But it will cost more than a semi-custom kitchen cabinet. If you have a budget problem, consider getting a semi-custom kitchen cabinet at a lower price. You can still create a design that works fine with your kitchen style and adds value to your home.

4. Types Of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinet

If you have decided to use custom kitchen cabinets, here are a few types of the common option you will want to know.

Base Cabinets – Base cabinets are mounted onto the floor or bottom portion of a wall. They have a sturdy base. This is because they need to hold heavy kitchen vanity countertops. The standard size of base cabinets is 24 inches deep and 34-36 inches tall. They have plenty of storage space. It is convenient to store common kitchen items, such as pots and pans.

Wall Cabinets – Wall cabinets are installed on the wall. You can access items while standing. The wall cabinet doesn’t take up floor space. It can be made larger to maximize your kitchen storage and make it look more spacious. It will be a great option if you have a smaller kitchen.

Framed Cabinets – Framed cabinets have a small frame on the face that stands out from the wall. The doors are secured to the frame, which offers more strength and durability. It is very flexible for custom kitchen cabinets for the design.

Frameless Cabinets – The design of frameless cabinets are more contemporary. The cabinet doors are attached to the side of the cabinet. Frameless cabinets can be made from various materials, including acrylic, plastic, wood veneer, etc.

Tall Cabinets – Tall cabinets are designed with a dramatic vertical appeal. Their size can reach up to 96 inches in height. They have more storage height and capacity compared to other cabinet types. It can be used to accommodate large items such as dry food and hanging clothes.

Specialty Units – Specialty unit cabinets include corner cabinets and suspended units. It can maximize the kitchen space and storage. Specialty units are used in smaller-sized kitchens. They can keep counters neat and organized.

5. Budget for Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Custom Kitchen Cabinet
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

It is important to consider your budget when getting a full custom kitchen cabinet or semi-custom kitchen cabinet. You get what you paid for. Discuss with the professional your budget as high-end designs can be costly.

Some prices for the high-quality custom cabinets can be similar to some kitchen cabinets in the store. It is best to get a quote from a professional to ensure that it is within your budget.

Here are some tips you will want to consider while getting a custom kitchen cabinet. Although a custom kitchen cabinet may fit your kitchen well, there are many things you need to consider. It is advisable to consult a professional when getting one for your kitchen.

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