Plan Your Kitchen Renovation With 8 Basic Steps

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Are you planning to make some home improvements by doing some kitchen renovation? When planning your kitchen renovation, you don’t want much disruption in between. It is quite a big job. With so many things to decide, it is easy to lose sight of your timeline, and you may even lose track of what you need to do next.

When deciding to do a kitchen renovation, you must not overcapitalize and stick to the budget you have set. Whether doing a full renovation or a small renovation in your kitchen, you must plan what to do during a kitchen renovation.

There are many things you need to take into consideration while you are planning a kitchen renovation. If you are unsure where to begin, we will provide some guidance here to guide you.

How To Plan Your Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen Renovation 1: Do Research

Kitchen Renovation


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When planning your kitchen renovation, the first step you need to do is research to decide what kind of kitchen style you want.

You can look for experts to discuss the subject and search online for design inspiration. You can check out any new product releases or scan through social media to see if there is any suitable design for your space.

You can visit kitchen showrooms or home stores to check out the cost and decide what you need and can afford. When visiting your relatives or friends, observe their kitchen layouts and styles. It can help you to set your budget.

Kitchen Renovation 2: Budget

Kitchen Renovation


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After you have done your research, you should set a budget. You shouldn’t underestimate this planning process, as it can help you stay within your limit.

When planning your budget, you should base it on what you can afford and the maximum investment before overcapitalizing. For the maximum investment, it is recommended that it should not be more than three percent of your property value. For example, if your property value is RM700,000, the amount you invest in your kitchen renovation should not be more than Rm21,000.

Kitchen Renovation 3: Choose The Layout

Kitchen Renovation


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The kitchen layout is an important part when planning a kitchen renovation. The layout needs to be functional and a place you love walking into. The work triangle, the sink, refrigerator, and stove are arranged in a triangle that helps reduce the number of steps between them.

If there is more than one chef in the family, the kitchen layout should provide sufficient counter space for the people who would prepare the food at any time. This helps to optimize the kitchen’s functionality. If you plan to put a kitchen island, you will want to break up the surface of the kitchen island with others, such as cooking or washing-up components. You don’t want your kitchen island to become a dumping ground.

Choose the correct kitchen island size to allow sufficient space for movement without compromising the safety of the kitchen.

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Kitchen Renovation 4: Cabinet Style

Kitchen Renovation
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The kitchen cabinet is part of the kitchen where you need to store your kitchen appliance. You will need to put this into consideration. This will typically be the starting point for a kitchen renovation.

When you consider your kitchen renovation design, most people will decide on the cabinetry style later on. But it is worth choosing in the early part as you can determine what kind of style you want your kitchen to be. A more contemporary style or a traditional style. Another important point is that the layout will impact the overall style. So it is better to use the kitchen cabinet style at the early point of your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Renovation 5: Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen Renovation
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It is important to incorporate all your kitchen appliances required when planning your kitchen renovation. Positioning all the appliances within a workable distance will help the chef to have complete flexibility.

Remember to separate the zones when creating the zones for preparation, cooking, and cleaning. It will create an easy flow around the kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen, try to arrange it so it won’t obstruct the walkways. Consider fitting built-under appliances where you can have more workspace.

Kitchen Renovation 6: Concentrate On Counter Material

Kitchen Renovation
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The most important is material when it comes to the kitchen countertop. The kitchen counter needs to be tough, and at the same time, it needs to be stylish. You will need a suitable countertop material when it comes to kitchen renovation.

When deciding on the kitchen countertop, you should choose natural stone, such as marble, granite, and quartz. It requires a little more care to protect it from spill, but it is also stylish and a unique material. You can choose from a vast range of looks and colors.

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Kitchen Renovation 7: Focus On Flooring

Kitchen Renovation
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When you are planning for your kitchen renovation, the kitchen flooring is important as it is a space where your family will gather. The kitchen flooring needs to be hard-wearing and easy to clean.

The popular kitchen flooring is wood flooring. It mimics the look of natural wood. If you have young children at home, you may want to use porcelain tiles as they are non-porous. It provides a stainproof option. Natural stone flooring is also another choice, but you will need to seal it to protect it from stains.

Kitchen Renovation 8: Select Colors

Kitchen Renovation
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It is important to select colors when it comes to kitchen renovation. The color palette for the kitchen includes cabinets, counters, floors, and walls. You need to consider it as a whole. As spoken previously, you need to settle on the cabinet color in the early part to decide on the colors for the rest of the kitchen.

When deciding the colors, you should consider that the harder to change the color, the more neutral you should go. If it is easier to change, you can take the opportunity to choose bold colors. For example, it is harder to change flooring than paint the walls.

Consider the lights that will reach into the kitchen. Ask yourself how it looks in the daytime with natural light shining in. What about in the evening time with artificial lights on.

Here are the ideas when you are planning your kitchen renovation. With a good plan, you will have a space to enjoy cooking and spend time with your family.

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