5 Simple and Best Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas 

Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design

5 Simple and Best Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas 


Are you interested in modernizing your kitchen, but you have no thoughts about how to achieve that? It’s very reasonable to suppose that you’re not alone, because developing a modular kitchen cabinet design is already a tough process, without considering the huge resources it needs.

One question you should ask yourself on a regular basis is, what kind of modular kitchen cabinet design is best for your home? A hard fact is that the modular kitchen cabinet design for most households is significantly affected by the layout of your kitchen. Thus, planning your modular kitchen cabinet design based on your kitchen layout would be more sensible and logical, rather than spending a lot of money revolutionizing your kitchen layout.

As most interior designers claim, there are several modular design concepts for kitchens in 2021, and each of them offers distinctive characteristics and feelings for the entire kitchen or home.

Therefore, in this article, we will explore in-depth by going over different kinds of modular kitchen cabinet design ideas in 2021 and providing a quick summary of their characteristics. Of course, the Ampquartz team is very happy to have you share your opinions in the comment section below.

Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design


1. L-shaped Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design

1.Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design
Source: Homedesignlover

The L-shaped modular kitchen cabinet design is one of the most frequent designs for most households in 2021. As the name indicates, this kitchen uses two cabinets, mostly located in the corner, to create the letter ‘L’. So, why should you adopt this design idea in your kitchen? The main reason, of course, is that it utilizes the entire space of your kitchen, as its configuration may produce adequate storage capacity even in the smallest of kitchen spaces.

If your house or kitchen is small and there is little space, the L-shaped modular kitchen cabinet design is certainly the perfect choice. It optimizes and maximizes the free space in your kitchen and enables you to add a dining area if you wish to do so.


2. U-shaped Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design

Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design
Source: Designcafe

Unlike L-shaped, if you want to integrate a U-shaped modular kitchen cabinet design into your kitchen, you may want to have a bigger space in your kitchen (8 to 10 feet). This is because this sort of design requires the cabinets to extend to 3 edges of the kitchen, creating a letter ‘U’. Fortunately, this U-shaped modular kitchen cabinet design also gives the most effective working triangle and the greatest storage area for household owners

Through this U-shaped modular kitchen cabinet design, you can have a lot of extra kitchen space, which reduces your concerns when a lot of individuals utilize your kitchen simultaneously.

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3. Straight Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design

3. Straight Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design
Source: Decorpot

In this kitchen, the cabinets and shelves are placed in a short and straight line. This design idea differs somewhat from the two previous ideas, because it is the most compressed and basic kitchen cabinet design and thus very suitable for medium and small-sized kitchens. If you live in a penthouse or studio apartment, the Ampquartz team believe that you will find this straight modular kitchen cabinet design is particularly well suited to the arrangement of your kitchen.

To adapt this concept to your kitchen, only a wall is required, which may make the appearance more elegant and allow for easy modifications and expansion.


4. Parallel Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design

Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design
Source: Designcafe

If you wish to have a kitchen that appears like a bar counter, the best option is to create a parallel modular kitchen cabinet design. This type of kitchen cabinet design, as the name implies, consists of two long parallel work-spaces that face each other on opposing walls. There is also a path walkway between them. However, this again demands at least 4 to 5 feet of space for your kitchen.

If you are a tidy but busy person who does not do regular cleaning, a parallel modular kitchen cabinet is also one of your best choices, as you can divide it into ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ work-spaces while you prepare meals. Therefore, the Ampquartz team highly suggests you adopt this design idea as it is suited for most types of houses and is readily adapted to your specific requirements.


5. Island Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design

Source: YouTube

For many families, an island type of modular kitchen cabinet design was always an aspiration! If your kitchen has space, you can always opt for this island modular kitchen cabinet design. The design of the kitchen cabinet is more transparent and adjustable to your requirements, and often eliminates the border between both the living room and the kitchen.

With this island kitchen cabinet design, you will always have more room for other kitchen activities such as family meals, cup boarding, microwave leftovers, and so on.

You should, however, always bear in mind that you need an underground gas pipe to make the area seem smooth if you want to install a hotplate in your ‘island’ kitchen.

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