Getting A Kitchen Island? 5 Key Factors You Can’t Overlook

Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island to your space can be a good choice to enhance your kitchen aesthetic. It can serve several purposes and be a focal point of the space if you choose the right one. But there’s no one fixed formula to let you decide on the size of the kitchen island.

From a place to prepare your meal to additional storage, no one can resist having a kitchen island. The kitchen island is not a must-have for your space, but it is definitely an option to enhance your kitchen aesthetic. It can be confusing for homeowners to decide whether they need one for their space, especially if there is limited space.

Adding a kitchen island in your space should allow your workflow to be smooth, not interrupting it. There are many considerations when you decide to have one. In this article, we will discuss the factors you need to consider before adding this wow factor into your space.

Key Factors For Getting A Kitchen Island #1 – The Function Of Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can have many functions, such as storage space or a dining area. When you decide to get one, select the main function of your kitchen island. It can help you determine how big you want for your kitchen island.

For example, if you are using it to prepare your meal, you may also want to consider including a sink in it. You may need to have a slightly bigger kitchen island. If you want to use it for a dining area for your family and guests, you may want to focus on the seating around the island. If you need a storage space, you can have it at the base. How much storage you need may also impact the size of your island.

The function is just a small part of the issues. It is important to see how well your kitchen island fits into the space. No matter how you use the island, it shouldn’t get in the way. The workflow in your kitchen should remain smooth.

Key Factors For Getting A Kitchen Island #2 – Space Consideration

Kitchen Island

Space consideration is an important factor to consider when you are getting an island. The space will limit the size of the island. It will also affect the functionality of the island.

Start by evaluating your kitchen layout. Do include the kitchen appliances, such as the fridge or built-in oven, when evaluating. The island should fit well in the space and have a smooth flow between workspaces and traffic areas.

Look for the appropriate size for the island after you have evaluated the kitchen space. If you have a limited space, go for a smaller island. Of course, smaller islands will also have limited function. You should leave enough space for you to move about.

The island should not obstruct the flow in your kitchen, especially if you are including seats around the island. Ensure you place your island strategically to avoid congestion.

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Key Factors For Getting A Kitchen Island #3 – Countertop Materials For Your Island

Kitchen Island

The countertop material you choose for your island can affect the size and shape. It also can affect the aesthetics and functionality of the space.

For example, materials like quartz or granite slabs are normally around 3m x 1.4m. Some may be slightly larger. The size of the material can limit your island’s size. You do want to check the size of the material first before deciding on the size you want.

If it goes larger, installers may need to use two pieces of slab, and there will be a joint line. It will affect the look of the island. It is best to use just one slab of the material.

You will also want to consider the durability and maintenance of the material. Marbles have a luxurious appearance but do not resist stains and scratches. Granite is durable but will require sealing to maintain the surface.

Key Factors For Getting A Kitchen Island #4 – Incorporating Induction Hob On Island

Kitchen Island

Having an induction hob on the kitchen island is a modern design and is getting popular. It allows you to entertain your guests as you cook. With the benefits of an induction hob, such as easy temperature control and cleanup, it is a good option for contemporary kitchens.

One thing you need to consider is that it may get too close to people sitting nearby. The heat and splashes may affect the people around them. So, consider the induction hob’s placement when incorporating it into the island.

Besides, you will need a power supply for your island for your induction hob. You may also use it for other uses. This will be a little bit complicated as you need to consider the power supply and the cables for the power supply.

Key Factors For Getting A Kitchen Island #5 – Consider The Storage Space You Need

Kitchen Island

Island storage usually isn’t the priority as their usage is more focused on preparing meals or dining areas. But if your existing layout doesn’t allow you to have much storage space or you still need additional storage space, island storage is optional.

Assess your cooking habits and what you need to use in the kitchen. It can guide you on how many things and how you want to store your things. For island storage, you may want to keep things you frequently use or bigger items, such as pots and pans.

You may want to consider open shelving as it is stylish and practical. It allows you to take your pots and pans easily. You may also consider using deep drawers or pull-out shelves. Consider using customized drawers with dividers or utensil trays for small items, such as utensils.

Wrap Up

Choosing the perfect kitchen island for your space involves many factors. Above are some of the factors you should consider. Other factors may include the design or the height of the island. It depends on your requirements. With the right choice, you will have a functional space where you enjoy your cooking.

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