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Pros & Cons Of Caesarstone Countertops In 2018 | Ampquartz Malaysia

Pros & Cons Of Caesarstone Countertops In 2018 | Ampquartz Malaysia

Caesarstone Countertops; Ever heard about them?

Everyone wants a durable and aesthetically pleasing countertop design when diving into each kitchen renovation. Picking out a countertop material that’ll last a lifetime and won’t be needing you to care for it too much is quite a tough chore to do. We recommend Caesarstone for this application.

Caesarstone countertop

Caesarstone is more on the extravagant side of the price list when it comes to countertop materials. In 2018, it cost between 25-32 SGD per square foot.

When looking at longevity, it’s quite a nice investment when you think about the cost of repetitively buying stone slab replacements.

There are many things to look forward to when purchasing Caesarstone countertops but there are some negatives to it too. Maybe, with the details we’ve collected, you’ll find out if this stone will work for you or not before you make a purchase.

The Pros Of Caesarstone Countertops

Being made to fit a certain specification. Caesarstone is generally resistant to scratches, stains, and chips. It’s a stone that’s built and formed to last in a family driven environment. Coming in to be both durable and low maintenance, it’ll be the perfect material for an active kitchen.

caesarstone countertops

Compared to granite countertops Caesarstone does not require a new coat of seal on its surface every year. You’ll be able to get away with using just a soapy sponge to wipe off dried substances without them leaving a nasty stain.

You can even use it in your bathroom! Caesarstone is so versatile and beautiful at the same time. It comes in a variety of different colors and patterns to choose from. Some stones would even mimic the look of natural stones such as granite or marble. Brighten your kitchen up with the best selection of Caesarstone in Singapore!

The Cons Of Caesarstone Countertops

This material can still be damaged. Its edges are not invincible as a pot or hard and heavy utensil is capable of chipping away at the countertops made with sharp edges.

caesarstone material

The finish of the material may scratch if in contact with a metal such as a knife. Caesarstone is heavier than granite. Your countertop needs to support the weight of everything. In even rarer cases, stones may come with manufacturing defects from the factory and you must always make sure you get the right stone for every purchase.

Is Caesarstone The Right Material For Me?

Yes, it is. It’s a good investment for homes that need to be both durable and accident friendly. The luxurious finish and its sublime looks will sure to awe your guests when they walk into the kitchen or bathroom.

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