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Longing for German-inspired kitchen solutions that are both adaptable and functional yet stylish? Introducing Ampquartz Kitchen Cabinet, where you will achieve the ideal kitchen layout that guarantees modernity and

Having kitchen collections for most budgets, Ampquartz Kitchen Cabinet is all about adding design expertise to exotic wood kitchens to ensure functionality and style. The wood materials offered include Melamine Panel, Plywood Melamine, and Solid Nyatoh.

AmpQuartz’s Kitchen Cabinet


Premium quality

AmpQuart'z kitchen cabinet is adhered to strict quality management standards to ensure unspoiled designs


Eco-friendly materials

AmpQuartz's kitchen cabinet is built using eco-friendly materials that are derived from energy-saving and efficient production methods


Affordable and practical

AmpQuartz's Kitchen Cabinet is customized to fit Asians’ cooking habits and styles


Wide-ranging designs

AmpQuartz's Kitchen Cabinet is an award-winning brand that creates bespoke solutions with design and function-oriented innovations in mind

AmpQuartz Kitchen Cabinet Specialist

Amp Urban Luxurious

Kitchen Cabinet – Urban Luxurious

Sleek, modern, and sophisticated kitchens are doused with exotic wood to add a touch of luxury without frills.

True to the urban luxurious theme, reflective surfaces and modish materials are commissioned to enrich the overall composition. The subtlety of flushed storage compartments and appliances seals the seamless, uncluttered look where striking elegance reigns.

Amp Modern Minimalist

Kitchen Cabinet – Modern Minimalist

Modern minimalist designs show restraint with simple, minimal overtones.

Unfussy lines meet meaningful pieces to complete the pared-down look that is so sought after. When done tastefully, the space is a sure picture of calm and clarity.

Amp French Contemporary

Kitchen Cabinet – French Contemporary

The coveted Parisan kitchen is warm, inviting and calming. Designs are kept somewhat informal, but doused with subtle classical character to add to its visual vocabulary. Clean, muted palettes are accented with ornate details and accessories to evoke a French style that is refined, elegant and enviable.

Amp Modern Contemporary

Kitchen Cabinet  – Modern Contemporary

Modern contemporary kitchens rest easy on the eyes.

They have a reputation for embracing unassuming hues, minimal detailing and a dash of texture. Far from being laid-back, these kitchens are quite the opposite as they require strategic designs and trained eyes to create a cultivated space that soothes. It is ideal for homeowners who have an affinity for streamlined designs.

Amp Minimalist Chic

Kitchen Cabinet – Minimalist Chic

Professional kitchens boast metal-clad cabinets and appliances. Surely, home kitchens have room for some metallic gleam even when the preferred kitchen style leans towards a minimalist one. It is a refreshing breakaway from conventional kitchen designs – one that reads bold, chic and eye-catching – yet reinforces a sleek, collected look.

kitchen cabinet, Kitchen Cabinet

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