6 Thrilling Kitchen Island Design in Malaysia 2022

6 Thrilling Kitchen Island Design in Malaysia 2022

A kitchen island is an island table standing separately from the factual kitchen. Its positioning will differ according to your floor plan. It could be in the center or parallel to the cabinets. It is common to have a kitchen island with seating and storage as these additions increase its utility.

There are other ways that kitchen island design in Malaysia is made compact-space-friendly, for instance, by the kitchen peninsula. It is an extension of your kitchen counter, attached to the layout by one of the walls.

Kitchen Island Design in Malaysia No.1: Modern Kitchen Island with Seating

Kitchen Island Design In Malaysia 1


Image Credit: Canva

Modern designs feature clean straight lines, neutral colors, natural textures, and functional furniture. This kitchen island design in Malaysia mostly features functionality, and having extra storage installed on the counter makes it a simple workplace.

Holding on to their style, this island design offers extra storage and additional counter space. It also provides a comfortable, smooth, and easy-to-maintain serving table. Moreover, the seating is fitting for all family members of all ages. It may sometimes ratify as tiresome to open the storage at first, but it will become second nature very smoothly.

Kitchen Island Design in Malaysia No.2: Industrial Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Island Design In Malaysia 2


Image Credit: Canva

The industrial design stands apart with its exposed building materials and structures like walls, beams, and columns. In this kitchen island design, the industrial style is elegantly combined with black laminates and granite to achieve a sophisticated look.

The lighting established in the room will give a cosmopolitan feel to the kitchen that will be in contrast to the darkness of the kitchen. This kitchen island design in Malaysia utilized the concept of differences between the color black and white and maximize it to create a modern industrial design.

Kitchen Island Design in Malaysia No.3: Moroccan Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Island Design In Malaysia 3


Image Credit: Canva

Who doesn’t enjoy the eye-catching colors in Moroccan designs? Using bold colors and Moroccan tiles for the backsplash, adding a melee of different patterns and textures can make your kitchen vibrant and cheery. The blue color also sometimes cancels out the unnatural modern feel of the countertops, in which soothes the kitchen atmosphere from being only a modern industrial kitchen.

The white color of the counter surface is balanced out by various colorful patterns and blue color sides, canceling each other from getting the full attention inside the kitchen. It creates a cheerful yet professional feel to the atmosphere where people feel unexpectedly welcoming and well-invited. The white surface color also provides a roomy feel to the kitchen making it spacious and easy to work with.

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Kitchen Island Design in Malaysia No.4: Scandinavian Small Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Design In Malaysia 4

Image Credit: Canva

Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Johor

White color surfaces have become extremely popular in interior design in the last few years! They are the most prominent features of the Scandinavian style. And what better way to give your kitchen island design a trendy look than with Scandinavian white and wooden finishes? The space in this kitchen island design in Malaysia is effectively fully used in placing the island parallel to the one-wall kitchen. It also serves as the hot and wet areas of the kitchen.

The white color covers the tropical zone of the kitchen causes the pigment is highly symbolizing the bright side of the kitchen. While the wood represents the marshy part of the tropical jungle, it gives out a natural feel that offsets the unnatural feel that is given out by the countertop.

Kitchen Island Design in Malaysia No.5: Minimalist Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Island Design In Malaysia 5


Image Credit: Canva

This kitchen island design in Malaysia conserves space and is vitally important in small kitchens. This minimalist design gives your home a decluttered look, and the pull-down counter saves a lot of floor space. It acts as a kitchen peninsula to the one-wall layout and serves as a dining table in times of need.

It is well nominated to people who live in condominiums or apartments as they have limited space. It is cause they are required to be creative to fit the kitchen island into the tiny kitchen. This kitchen island design helps people effortlessly attain this need and persisting its functionality to assist house owners in cooking. It is located near the door to comfortably serve the guests and it helps immediately improves the first impression of the house.  

Kitchen Island Design in Malaysia No.6: Eclectic Kitchen Peninsula

Kitchen Island Design In Malaysia 6


Image Credit: Canva

This kitchen island designs effortlessly create a casual, chatty environment when you have friends over. You can even have light conversations with your guests over the island table while you cook. The color of the kitchen should be bright, and the pattern needs to be mixed with different styles to create a not entirely spacey and unnatural zone.

This system works predominately well for small kitchen islands. However, it is applicable in large kitchens as well. The perkiness of the eclectic style adds to the live setting that you could be wanting. Furthermore, with the right lighting, the kitchen will persist in its bright and jolly scene even at night time or on cloudy days.

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