Quartz Countertops, 5 Essential Guide to cleaning Quartz Countertops

5 Essential Guide to cleaning Quartz Countertops

5 Tips to Clean Your Quartz Countertops Malaysia

Among different Kitchen Countertops Malaysia, Quartz countertops Malaysia won the high demand. Quartz countertops include natural stones and polymer resins. This results in a hard and pretty countertop material. Besides, it requires low maintenance.

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If you able to clean the quartz countertops, it is basically bacteria free. However, how can we clean the kitchen countertop properly?  

How to Clean Your Quartz Countertops Malaysia?

Liquid Spills on Quartz Countertop

By default, quartz is resistant to staining from wine and cooking oil. If any spills accidentally occurred, follow the steps to clean it properly.

  • Clean with a diluted mild dish-soap.
  • Rinse the countertop with water.
  • Dry it with a soft cloth.

Even if the Quartz Countertops are resistant to stains, we should remove it to reduce damages.  

Cleaning Dried Food Residue

If there are food residues dried on the quartz kitchen countertops, don’t remove with metal spatulas. A plastic putty knife will do the tricks. After that, soak the area with a mild cleaner for 10 minutes, then wipe with a non-scratch pad. However, you should be aware that we should not soak the area for too long. It might leave a scratch mark on the quartz surface.

Heat Control on Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertop can resist heat up to 150°C. However, no countertop is completely safe and unaffected to direct heat. Hence, we should use a hot pad to cover the surface of the countertop to protect it from heated cookware. Excess heat exposure might not damage or crack the quartz countertop, but it might leave a burn mark or colour change. This is why you should be aware of the slight heat exposures to the Quartz Countertop Malaysia.  

Scratch Care

In Malaysia, we usually received information about someone using knife directly on top of kitchen countertop. Are you one of them? Quartz Countertop Malaysia is strong enough to resist scratch and cuts, but never completely scratch proof. If you often use cutting knife on the countertop surface, you will be able to see surface markings in time. These markings are more visible on the darker surface of the countertop. Hence, you should place a cutting board before cutting anything. You don’t like your kitchen countertop to be damaged right? Besides, do you know that using a knife on kitchen countertop can blunt and damage your knife too? Related article: What is Quartz by Quartz Johor  

Precautions in Cleaning Quartz Countertop Malaysia

  The following is a list of Don’ts while cleaning your Quartz Countertops Malaysia:

  • Don’t use bleach on Quartz Countertops.
  • Don’t use nail polish remover or heavy-duty cleaner to clean Quartz Countertops.
  • Don’t use harsh scouring pads to clean Quartz Countertops.
  • Don’t apply sealers or treatments to quartz. (Fun facts: Quartz is less porous and does not need sealers like granite did.)
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To conclude, if you follow the tips to clean your quartz countertops Malaysia, you can keep it in its best shape.   However, if you have inquiries on your kitchen countertops, contact Amp Quartz for more information. We are your trusted stone supplier Malaysia.  

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