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There have been many who wonder about how to choose their aluminium kitchen cabinets, as there are many types of them. Many people ask this question as no one like to be taken advantage of, and it is understandable as the kitchen cabinet is an important part of the kitchen. In this blog post, we will talk about the steps on how to choose your aluminium kitchen cabinets, along with suggestions that might make the chosen cabinet suitable for your kitchen.

Step 1 in Choosing Your Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Choose the Type of Carcass

Carcass Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets


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A carcass is the body of the module with panels joined together with a crossbar. The base modules come with plinth feet which have height adjustment and skirting to hide the legs. The carcass is the main body after which shutters, hardware, and hinges can be added. 

For aluminium kitchen cabinets, you can choose between ACP carcass, solid silver carcass, and powder-coated carcass. ACP carcass is constructed with 100% aluminium on the frame and the wall is made from an aluminium composite panel. The Solid Silver carcass is a carcass that has a silver coating that makes your cabinet look clean and bright. As for the Powder-Coated carcass, it has high scratch tolerance and makes your cabinet looks tough with A-class.

Step 2 in Choosing Your Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Choose Your Door Design

Door Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets


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In Malaysia, the door designs for aluminium kitchen cabinets are 4G doors, 3G doors, aluminium composite panels, and woodgrain series doors. Aluminium composite panels, also known as ACP, is an aluminium sheet spray painted with colors, The ACP is the most common door design for aluminium kitchen cabinets. 3G doors are made from aluminium, and the front of them is attached with a transparent glass panel giving it a glossy appearance. Then, a colored sticker is inserted in between the door and the glass panel, which gives a color effect.

4G doors are similar to 3G doors in appearance, the frame was made utilizing aluminium and a tempered color glass is attached to it. The color projected from the 4G door comes from the glass itself, this 4G door design is seamless cause the door frame is invisible from the front view. Woodgrain series doors is a full aluminium door, it gives out a more natural and timeless overall look for your kitchen.

Step 3 in Choosing Your Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Choose Your Door Handle Design

Door Handle Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets


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There are a total of 7 types of cabinet handles, they are handleless, edge profile, cabinet knobs, cup handles, bar handles, T-bar handles, and bow handles. Handleless handles are handles that open by pressing them, nowadays people buy handleless handles for the feel of modernness and scientificness.

Edge profile handles are hollow-channeled bars fixed to the drawer edge, where you put your fingers in the hollow space to open it. As they slightly protrude, it makes them appear as if they are without handles, giving a sleek look, ideal for contemporary and modern kitchens.

Cabinet knobs are preferred by those who like the vintage style. Knobs are circular and fixed at the opening corner of a cabinet door. However, they are not a good option for drawers due to the limited area to hold. Moreover, knobs can get loose with continuous usage. Cup handles are stable and made for heavy cupboards and drawers, they expel refined archaic feeling.

Bar handles are simple yet functional, they come in a long rectangular bar that is easy to grip and pull, their design flawlessly works with modern and traditional-styled kitchens. Similar to bar handles, T-bar handles differ in shape, as they come in a tube shape, this handle type will best suit modern kitchen styles. Bow handles are pull-out handles as well, however, the grip comes in a variety of designs that include a wave-like shape or a porcelain-like finish. 

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Step 4 in Choosing Your Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Choose Your Table Top Material

Drawer Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets


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Here we will explain the 5 types of tabletop materials that will work with aluminium kitchen cabinets, granite, quartz, marble, solid surface, and tile. Granite is a natural stone that possesses high heat and resistance and is available in a low to high price range. Quartz is an engineered stone that is non-porous, with moderate heat but extremely scratch resistance.

Marble is also a natural stone that has strong heat resistance only, while solid surface is a synthetic resin that has moderate heat and scratch resistance, it is also non-porous and is relatively cheap. Tile is a type of clay or material, it owns high heat resistance and moderate scratch resistance, it is semi-porous therefore the absorption is not as effective as granite and marble. It’s also low in terms of price compared to other materials.

Step 5 in Choosing Your Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Check the Quality of Aluminium

Accessories Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets


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As aluminium is the main material used in the majority parts of the cabinets, choosing good quality aluminium means higher durability for the kitchen cabinets. High-quality aluminium normally comes with a certain thickness. Cabinet carcasses and back panel that uses thin aluminium may not be strong enough to support the required load and weight, this is where you should pay attention to the Aluminium used, it should never be thin, bent, or deformed easily.

Step 6 in Choosing Your Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets: Confirm Function and Performance

Table Top Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets


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There are two main factors that affect on function and performance of aluminum kitchen cabinets.  Obviously, the first factor encompasses hardware and cabinet parts. It is important for homeowners to ensure the quality of cabinet fittings like door hinges, drawer systems, and hydraulic lifts. To achieve well-functioned cabinets with top performance, having high-quality cabinet fittings are still not enough.

The skillful installation of installers also plays an important role in this, which leads us to the second factor contributing to performance. Cabinets with low-quality fittings and poor installation will not be able to stand the test of time. You will soon end up with noisy clanging doors and drawers. In the worst case, you will also have difficulty keeping your door shut completely. However, you will hardly have this problem with AMPQUARTZ’s aluminium kitchen cabinets.

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