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Advantages of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets in Malaysia Over Laminated Plywood.

High humidity and lots of rain – these are the conditions that lend to the advantages of aluminium kitchen cabinets in Malaysia over laminated plywood. This article takes a brief look at the characteristics responsible.

Aluminium! That’s a catchphrase that you’ll be hearing a […]

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Choosing the Right Colour and Keeping up With Colour Trends | Interior Design

Colour trends change all the time and choosing the right colour on an industrial scale difficult. There are a myriad of things to consider: style predictions, target markets, production, availability, as well as the quality of the paint itself.
Thus, interior designers go […]

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2018 Bathroom Trends.

2018 bathroom trends saw a great deal of new and evolving design. Even today, many of these designs have still been receiving special attention.
From classic minimalism mixed with elements of new of fashion to eclectic and dazzling looks displays of glamour […]

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